Improving the user experience on the Tesco Festive Menu Helper to create multi-diet menus in a few taps

I partnered up with the DCX and Editorial teams at Cedar to redesign the user experience and refresh the user interface on Tesco Festive Menu Helper.

The product was first introduced in 2018 to help users creating a festive menu ready to shop from Tesco Online.

That first iteration helped Tesco to understand user behaviour and frustrations. The main findings revealed customers were unhappy with not being able to select multiple dietary requirements, the type of special diets that the tool catered for, and the outcome of suggested meal plans.

I worked on improving the Festive Menu Helper user experience by creating a one-step wizard that converts users' dietary preferences into a multi-dietary festive menu ready to Shop on Tesco Online or Print.

Role: Product Designer
Agency: Cedar UK
Year: 2019
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Improving the menu creator

The wizard

The previous version of the tool had a guest list and menus were created based on individuals instead of a group of people.

The usage of the tool revealed that most users skipped the guestlist creation, and  the majority of those that didn’t skip only entered one guest. Accordingly, I re-worked the solution to focus on the combination of dietary options and the returned meals, rather than the naming of individual guests.

Menu creator wizard step 1: Dietary selection
Mmenu creator wizard step 2: Dietary specifics
Menu creator wizard step 3: Results

Improving the browsing experience


As a way to improve the browsing experience and deliver precise content quickly, we added an intuitive and visual filtering option that shows content according to the selected diet type.

Adjusting the content

We tweaked the recipe pages to improve readability as per UX recommendation. Information in-a-nutshell, like recipe cooking time, the quantity of people, and diet type icons were incorporated above the fold.

Tesco Festive Menu Helper – browsing mode
Tesco Festive Menu Helper – using filters on the browsing mode
Tesco Festive Menu Helper – recipe details